About DHG Dealerships

DHG Dealerships has a team of dedicated professionals working exclusively with dealerships across the country. We serve more than 3,000 dealership clients across all 50 states, representing dealership groups of all sizes. We leverage our knowledge of and relationships within the industry to help identify solutions surrounding dealership trends and hot issues, which include: mergers and acquisitions, facilities and factory matters, performance, succession planning, risk and regulatory and people and talent acquisition. Providing our clients with industry thought leaders in our Assurance, Tax and Advisory Service Groups, we consult on best practices to help maximize efficiencies, increase profits and understand risks.

SSI Certified Partner/Supplier Categories:

Business Transaction & Valuation Advisory Services

Dealership valuation needs may range from complex consulting for a multi-store mega dealer to simple advisory services for a single-point, family-owned store. Dealerships are unique businesses with unique business models that bring valuation complexities not often found when valuing businesses in other industries. Several factors distinct to valuing dealerships are:
  • Trending industry consolidation
  • Blue sky multiples
  • Facility and factory impacts
  • Disparities between “price” and “value”
  • Impact of private equity/family office interest and investment
  • Distinguishing franchise value and goodwill value

Executive Search Assistance

We back our strategic recruiting process with specific strategies combining analytics and intuition to find the best talent for a
given position, plus salary and market expertise to support offer negotiations. Our nationwide coverage lets us cast a wide net,
with professional screening and regular client updates. Most importantly, we commit to getting to know our dealership clients
and candidates.

Marketing Performance Assessment and Optimization

In a time of so much disruption in the automotive retail industry, where an increasing number of vendors are offering products
in the digital marketing space, it is important to have a trusted, knowledgeable resource to help dealers navigate through their
digital marketing efforts. Our dedicated digital marketing advisory services use software, data and benchmarks from unbiased
sources to provide dealer clients with solutions that will make them more efficient with both their time and capital.
Focus Areas include:
  • Web Analytics
  • Content Marketing
  • Campaign Planning
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing

Risk and Regulatory Management

The first step to reducing the dealership reporting, operational and compliance risks is to identify the risks specific to the dealership.
A DHG Dealerships Risk Assessment can help dealerships identify how and where to deploy their available resources most
effectively in addition to implementing new processes and procedures. Our goal is to protect our clients’ dealerships, employees
and customers. Risk Assessments typically serve as a precursor to a focused Transaction Testing Services engagement, in which
our experienced professionals quantify risk based on detailed testing in the areas of greatest need.

Wealth Planning & Management

DHGWA has specifically tailored an investment program to meet the goals and objectives of dealerships utilizing Reinsurance Companies via Portfolio.

The Dealership Reinsurance Investment Program (DRIP) addresses the special needs of both Portfolio’s investment account requirements and the account owner’s desire for the most prudent performance, defined as the greatest return consistent with a defined level of risk.